What Does the Fox Say? ESL Worksheet

Learn the vocabulary of Ylvis's popular hit with this online listening activity. The level is A1-A2 (Elementary - Pre-Intermediate), the suggested age is 10+, and the focus is on animals and their sounds. The activity is free to be used by any student or teacher of English as a Second Language. Don't forget to check your results at the end. If you are a teacher and have used this activity, please let me know how it was appreciated. I'm eager to read your comments and ideas. Kindly use the commenter at the bottom.

Good luck and have fun!

Exercise 1: Names of the Animals

Write the names of the animals in the correct boxes.

dog  cat  bird  mouse  cow  frog  elephant  duck  fish  seal  fox  horse  

(12 points)

Listening 1

Listen to the song and answer the question.

What colour are the fox's eyes in the song?

(1 point)

Listening 2

Listen to the song again and match the animals with their sounds.

Dog goes

Cat goes

Bird goes

And mouse goes

Cow goes

Frog goes

And the elephant goes

Ducks say

And fish go

And the seal goes

But there's one sound that no one knows.
What does the fox say?

(10 points)

Did you know that...


Animal sounds

Type in the name of the animal sound.

woof  meow  tweet  squeak  moo  croak  toot  quack  blub  ow-ow-ow  wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow  neigh  

(12 points)


tiny = small; little

paws = the hands of the animal

fur = the skin and the hair of an animal
Becky's cap is from fox fur. It's really warm.

woods = forest
There are a lot of trees in the woods.

hill = a high area of land, smaller than a mountain
Rome was built on 7 hills.

disguise = clothes you wear when you don't want people to recognize you
Zorro and Spiderman always wear disguise.

suddenly = very quickly
Suddenly it started raining.

to chase something/somebody = to run after sth/sb
Tom chases Jerry.

to dig = to make a hole in the ground
The pirates are digging to find the hidden treasure.

to hide = to go to a place where people cannot find you
You can hide under the desk and I'll hide in the wardrobe. Jack will never find us!

to stand still = to stand and not to move

secret = something only you know
This is a secret. You mustn't tell anyone!

ancient = very old
There are many ancient buildings in Greece.

mystery = something we don't know or don't understand

guardian angel = your personal angel who takes care of you


Vocabulary Exercise

Match the pictures with the lines of the song.

(15 points)

Your Time:



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